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We are a design firm dedicated to entertaining, delighting, and educating children and adults alike with the most innovative toys and games in the industry. Our Concepts are licensed to toy companies big and small, who manufacture and market our designs worldwide.

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Here are just a few recent awards we've received

The Monster's Favorite Toys

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Rattlesnake Jake

  • Manufacturer: Goliath - 2020
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Rainglow Unicorn Pet Vet

  • Manufacturer: Moose Toys - 2019
    Brand: Little Live Pets
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Xtreme Power Dump Truck

  • Manufacturer: Jakks Pacific - 0
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Burping Bobby

  • Manufacturer: Goliath - 2020
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Polly Pocket Mega Mall

  • Manufacturer: Mattel - 2019
    Brand: Polly Pocket
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Cozy Dozys

  • Manufacturer: Moose - 2018
    Brand: Little Live Pets
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Bounce Off

  • Manufacturer: Mattel - 2014
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Max Cliff Climber

  • Manufacturer: Jakks Pacific - 2016
    Brand: Max Tow Truck
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Meet the Team

The Monster and His Friends

The Tale of the Monster

A bit of History

Some members of the Big Monster family are the most experienced in the business. The company that became Big Monster Toys was founded in 1988 when veterans Jeff Breslow, Howard Morrison, and Rouben Terzian, former partners of the legendary toy design firm Marvin Glass & Associates, partnered with former Glass designers Don Rosenwinkel and John Zaruba to form Breslow, Morrison, Terzian, & Associates - also known as BMT.
These five partners teamed up with fourteen additional designers, model-makers, and staff from the defunct Marvin Glass company. Within six months, BMT had established itself in the newly designed top floor of 750 North Orleans St. in the Near North area of Chicago. In 1997 Howard Morrison retired, and the following year he, Jeff Breslow, and Rouben Terzian were inducted into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame, honoring their thirty-one years of exceptional collaboration and creativity in the toy industry. When Terzian eventually retired in 2001, Jeff, Don, and John offered a partnership to Brian Kujawski, one of the first designers hired after the inception of BMT.

In 2003 we purchased our current building and updated our name. Intent on keeping the initials "BMT," the company was changed to Big Monster Toys – sparking the creation of our logo and our beloved "Big Monster."
Our office in the Near West area of Chicago is no ordinary office. The facade of our building, with its oversized door and peering Big Monster, always causes curiosity for passers-by. If you come into our offices, you'll find even more curiosities - like a building-wide elevated train set with staff-designed cars. A towering stuffed giraffe watches over the production area. The space was purchased at the same time that "BMT" became "Big Monster Toys."
We decided the change was an opportunity to create a unique, dynamic workspace that inspires creativity. Originally a former trucking warehouse, this building underwent a year-long renovation to become the creation that we are so proud of.

In addition, our office boasts a caboose-shaped kitchen, an elliptical conference room, excellent fabrication facilities, and many more interesting decorations, sculptures, and stuffed animals that excite the inner child. Also, we added indoor parking to thrill our inner-adult.
In 2007 we asked three wonderful employees to join us as partners. Mary Ann Kotowicz our fabulous controller, and two long time, incredibly creative designers, Sam Unsicker and Robert "Ro" Annis. In June of 2008, Jeffrey retired after 41 years in the business to pursue his career as a sculptor. Another page in our long evolution of creating the greatest Toys and Games in the industry. In 2011 John Zaruba retired after 34 years and countless hits. In 2016 John was followed by Mary Ann Kotowicz and Don Rosenwinkel, who left the Toy industry to spend more time with his growing family. The business now resides in the capable hands of Kujawski, Unsicker and Annis, as well as our amazing team.